"You have blessed me in too many ways to count!...Love you"


Maple Valley, WA

"Cherlyn - Wow - our folks were really jazzed with you and the contributions you made. I think what made the whole day was the individual attention that you gave to the band. Paul commented on that saying how often do you go to a seminar and get one on one time - maybe for five minutes. Thank you again for your service this last Saturday."

MSgt. Chris Johnes, USAF Ret

Arlington, WA

" Hi Cherlyn, We got the music and CD! Thank you so much. Emily was really excited about the music, but sad at the thought of leaving you. Change is so hard. Don't worry--we definitely won't forget you--since you will be visiting us soon in St. Louis! :) Thank you for everything you did--all the "road trips" searching for violins were fun. We will miss you,"

Juli Figge

St. Louis, MO

"Cherlyn, thank you so much for all the years.......Thanks for always going the extra mile....."

Rachel Bowen

Spokane, WA

"Hi, Cherlyn - Just wanted to tell you that we played your Easter medley on Easter morning. It was beautiful. I SO love playing with my kids....It was such a blessing. Anyway, thank you, again, so much for working with me personally to get the music...Blessings...."

Robin Eldridge, CA